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Buying a stucco Home 

One of the most common risk you take when buying a home on the Gulf Coast is unseen wood rot and moisture damage!  With over 65 inches of rain a year, moisture damage is a ever present threat.
It has been our experience that most wood rot goes undetected by visual observations only (as many inspectors do). It is not at all uncommon to find areas of substrate sheathing rot below windows, decks and roof terminations.      

Most Home Inspectors offer only visual observations when it comes to the cladding system. Their inspection protocol has them very busy inspecting several functions at a home outside of the stucco or cladding system.  A few home inspectors do a more moisture  investigation but may not have the proper training, necessary experience, and undivided attention.
Do you know that the only certain way to obtain moisture readings in the wall and check for wood rot is doing slightly invasive probes!  Moisture probing is required as part of any nationally recognized stucco inspection certification. AWCI, EDI, MWC.

In fact Delmhorst meter type probe data is the only instrument accepted in most courts as evidence! We use a combination of electronic inspection tools to help determine the condition of the stucco system and the underlying substrate, but the greatest tool we have is our experience!
Home buyers -  Moisture intrusion issues is what we do and have been doing it for 23 years on the Gulf Coast. Often it is the realtor who sets up the inspection, and we work with a lot of good realtors in the area. But the type of inspection performed is up to the buyer. The cost of moisture damage repairs averages $10,000 to $20,000 on a average size home. We have seen over a $100,000 on large homes.  In the majority of cases substrate rot can only be ,detected with proper testing and  by experienced techs. Even then rot can be elusive under decks. 
Just in this  last year we have had several cases where we find severe old wood rot at a house that the present owner has only owned for 2-5 years. The owners bought the house unknowingly with the old rot, because they did not have a proper inspection performed. In most these  cases the owner was stuck with the repair cost, or having to reduce the cost of the sale by a large sum. 
Wood rot can lie unseen for years, and be minor to extreme. 

Home Seller - Know what your putting on the market. If you are a seller,  we can provide information that will allow you to make any corrective measures to your home in advance of the listing, so there are no surprises that can scare away a buyer, or complicate closing. We have a choice of inspection protocol levels to choose from to fit your budget. 

Realtors - It is not our desire to find issues with a property that may complicate closing the sale. We are not a repair contractor using inspections to find work, we are true 3rd Party Moisture/Stucco inspection company . We report only the facts, based on industry standards. Our reports are informative and comprehensive, we know that protecting your clients is your highest goal, we can provide that level of comfort with our experience and choice of inspection protocols .
Give us a call at (850) 941-8600 to see how we can help. OR email directly or Cell phone for text or call   850 393 6106