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Stucco and Exterior Cladding Moisture Inspections
We are one of the first and most experienced stucco inspectors on the Gulf Coast.  We specialize in stucco and moisture intrusion inspection and testing with both residential and commercial buildings. 
We offer a choice of protocols for a moisture intrusion, stucco or other cladding systems.
The Basic Stucco Inspection or Advanced Stucco Inspection
Generally these protocols provides enough information, if there are no signs of water intrusion and no suspected problems in the cladding system. Customer can upgrade to the next level of inspection protocol during the process. 
These protocols are  a good choice for a preemptive inspection of a stucco house before it is but on the market. That way IF any problems are discovered, they can be repaired before any potential buyers see the house. Finding problems during the closing process can scare a buyer away. 
Inspection Procedure
Visual check of specific details known to cause the majority of problems in stucco and other cladding systems.
Perfrom exterior and interior electronic scans for moisture. where applicable .
Perform Delmhorst meter probes at common or suspected leak areas.  
The Basic Stucco Inspection Level  protocol up to 10 test probes
Advanced Stuco Inspection level protocol up to  20 test probes 
Provide  a detailed report with potographs, with pointers and text, showing the finidings , with comments .
A overall summary discussing the report findings. 
Phone support for clarification of the report 

Full Probe / ITA      (Inspection Testing Analysis) - A more thorough investigation with more Delmhorst meter probing as described below. May include additional moisture testing, test repairs, etc. This level of inspection is customized and priced according to the size of the house and complexity of design and / or problems.
Visual check of specific details known to cause the majority of problems in stucco and other cladding systems.
Random exterior and interior electronic scans for moisture. 
Delmhorst meter probes at all ready accessible windows corners and every deck termination and suspected areas of high moisture scans or wood rot. The number of probes could be from 40 to 100 or more, depending on the size of the house and design. 
A larger detailed report provided, including digital photographs with pointers and text, with comments on details observed.
A summary discussing the findings. 
Phone support or clarification of the report findings. 
Follow up inspection, if needed of repairs are at a discounted rate.

Many Home inspectors over the last several years have moved into our field, and some are good at what they do. But to have a good understanding of moisture intrusion issues with stucco takes years of experience and participation in remediation/ restoration projrcts . More than what you can learn in a 4 day class certification.
That is why many Home Inspectors refer their clients to us when a problem is suspected.

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